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Affordable restaurants: East and North London's hidden food gems

And yet again, I’ll begin by talking about the weather because it’s been absolutely disappointing. If May wasn’t already one of the wettest and grimmest months in recent years, June’s weather doesn’t look much promising either. But as they say goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” That's been my motto this year as I try to stay positive and hopeful that London's weather will eventually improve. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, one of the ways I've been coping is by indulging in great food around the city (besides travelling abroad).

London may not be known for being particularly affordable, but I've discovered some hidden gems, especially in North and East London, that won't break the bank. And affordable doesn't mean sacrificing quality, but sometimes finding these spots can be a bit of a challenge. These areas of the capital are home to a variety of affordable restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals without spending a fortune.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, here are some delicious and budget-friendly spots you should definitely check out.


Here's a list of some of East and North London's best affordable restaurants

Arepa and Co | Venezuelan in Haggerston

This cosy restaurant by the canal in Haggerston is always a hit. It's my go-to spot whenever I'm craving arepas, and it never disappoints. The setting is lovely, right by the water, and the classic flavours of Venezuelan cuisine always hit the spot.

Farang | Thai in Islington

Once a hidden gem, this award-winning restaurant is now a popular spot that often requires booking ahead. As a fan of Thai food, I appreciate their balance of affordability and quality. With simple dining, carefully thought dishes and top-notch ingredients, Farang delivers bold and authentic flavours that won't disappoint.

And a bonus is their ‘pantry’, which offers homemade sauces, Thai ingredients and ready-cooked meals.

Escocesa | Scottish / Spanish in Stokey

Escocesa offers a unique blend of Scottish and Spanish flavours in a welcoming setting. Whether you're craving paella or fresh seafood, you can enjoy watching the chefs work their magic at the bar. And don't miss their weekend specials: either half price oysters or paellas!

Casa Tua | Italian in King’s Cross

Casa Tua never fails to deliver a fantastic and authentic Italian dining experience. The food is delicious, the staff are friendly, and it feels like you're dining at a friend's house in Italy. Casa Tua is been a personal favourite mine for almost a decade and whenever I'm in the mood for authentic Italian flavours, this is my place to go.

Roti King | Malaysian in Euston

Somehow, I still have yet to visit this one, but from everything I’ve read and heard from other foodies alike, this is a must-visit for lovers of Malaysian cuisine. This place offers a cosy and unpretentious dining experience near Euston Station. I’ve cycled past it many times, and despite its unassuming exterior, what matters is the inside and the food. The no-frills setting and consistently delicious food make Roti King a favourite among budget-conscious diners.

Pictures: Arepa, Escocesa, Casa Tua, Farang and Roti King


Happy to hear about other hidden gems that won't break the bank - please, share the love!


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