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My top 7 neighbourhood pubs in East and North London

The Lord Stanley in Camden

In the bustling streets of London, where the pace never seems to slow, there exists a timeless sanctuary, a place where locals gather, stories flow and laughter echoes through the air. These are the neighbourhood pubs, the beating heart of London's communities, where tradition meets modern times, and friendships are forged and shared over pints. 

Stepping inside a neighbourhood pub, everyone will find more than just a place to enjoy a drink. Here, among the cosy warmth and the comforting noise of conversation, locals come together to unwind, share stories, and celebrate life's moments, both big and small. Whether it's an after office pint with colleagues or a Sunday roast with friends and family, pubs provide a sense of belonging that transcends time and space.

Whenever I return from my travels, one of my first stops is always a neighbourhood pub. There's an instant sense of comfort, chatter, and familiarity, particularly set by the unique pub scent - a blend of wood and beer infused with the anticipation of good times ahead. It's hard to put into words, but this is an essential part of what a pub represents and why it holds such significance for Londoners.

For centuries, neighbourhood pubs have stood as pillars of London's social landscape and history. These places have witnessed the flow of history and today, they remain symbols of tradition, offering a glimpse into London's past while embracing the culture of the present. 

Beyond local pubs, even those situated along bustling streets filled with tourists have a unique ability to unite people from all walks of life. Regardless of background or social status, everyone is welcome in the warmth of a pub, a testament to the inclusive spirit that defines London's diverse communities.

However, neighbourhood pubs are facing a fair share of challenges, from rising rents to changing consumer preferences, the threat of closure stands as a persistent concern. In 2023, more than 500 pubs closed their doors as the running costs kept on making it ever more difficult for pub owners to stand. Yet, despite the odds, these resilient places continue to stand as symbols of tradition. 

This preamble serves as a tribute to pubs but particularly the neighbourhood pubs, where I have spent a significant amount of time and money over the past decade. After all, in the heart of every neighbourhood pub lies the soul of London itself. 


Here are my favourite neighbourhood pubs in East and North London

Just a short walk from the lively streets of Camden, you'll discover this charming pub. It's a favourite among locals and has been my local boozer since 2010, feeling like a second home to me. Here, you won't find the tourist crowds, only the genuine vibe of a proper local pub. It's a place where local writers, musicians, and other familiar faces gather weekly to enjoy the cosy atmosphere and good company.

Pictures: mine and Lord Stanley IG

A few blocks away from busy Angel and its surrounding is located this lovely local pub. With a lively atmosphere, a huge selection of beers, friendly service and great food, this neighbourhood pub captures all the essence of what a good pub is all about. Moreover, its location is perfect, only a stone's throw away from Regent's Canal and the famous Camden Passage, making it a worthy visit in the Angel area.

Pictures: Earl of Essex IG and mine

The De Beauvoir Arms | De Beauvoir  

A fantastic pub focusing on delivering excellent pub food, a great selection of beers and wine. Keeping the old tradition of no TV or music, this place becomes a huge gathering place for the locals where one can easily spend an entire afternoon snacking and drinking. 

Pictures: The De Beauvoir Arms IG

The Hemingford Arms | Caledonian 

One of the most stunning local pubs you’ll find in the area, this place stands out by the outside greenery and its charming corner location. Expect music, quiz nights, sports events and much more.  

Pictures: The Hemingford Arms IG

The Snooty Fox | Canonbury

This pub is a real local treasure, featuring an inviting open-plan layout with a charming 60s-inspired decor. Offering a great range of beers and a classic jukebox, it's the perfect spot for a relaxed drink. You can also enjoy pub quizzes, tasty food, and other fun events, adding to the welcoming atmosphere of this beloved pub.

Pictures: mine and The Snooty Fox IG

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Holloway and Seven Sisters Road, this cosy tavern is a local favourite. With a tasty pub offering and a great selection of beers, it's the ideal spot for a laid-back night out. And if you're looking for some extra entertainment, be sure to catch one of their comedy acts while you're there.

Pictures: The Swimmer IG and mine

The Rose & Crown | Kentish Town  

This pub has a lovely community atmosphere, with a cosy vibe and one of the greatest selection of beers I’ve seen in a pub. They also serve delicious international-inspired snacks and tasty cocktails. Despite its small size, there's plenty of entertainment to enjoy, including live music, comedy nights, and lots of board games to choose from. But what really makes this place stand out is its laid-back and welcoming feel, making it the perfect spot to unwind with friends.

Pictures: The Rose & Crown IG


Join me in celebrating the spirit of London's neighbourhood pubs by visiting your local one and share yours with me. Cheers to the heartbeat of London - the neighbourhood pub!


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