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  • Matias

Welcome to the Wanderbite!

A warm welcome to a humble and honest London based food, drinks and travel writer.

After almost a decade from having closed my previous food blog, today I'm resuming my food related tales here at the Wanderbite. The name comes from that ongoing and endless search for unique food and drinks related experiences.

With this blog, I'm not looking for fame nor to become an authortity in this over populated sector. My intention is to use this blog as an outlet and hub, to share almost a decade of honest impressions and experiences around Central, North and East London.

There are thousands of places you can for for a bite or drinks in this mega metropolis, so a little help won't hurt. Not only sharing those experiences but everything related to our gastronomic senses.

A decade of good, bad and nah experiences in London - sharing what's worth while, with this community!

I hope to live up to my own expectations (and yours too) and use this Website as a hub for other sybarites out there, where we can share experiences, opinions and ideas. This city has so much to offer - its dramatic changes and accelerated pace makes it almost impossible to keep track of what's new and worthy. There's nothing more challenging for those who want to aim for the right places, than having to cross reference TripAdvisor, TimeOut, Google reviews and food blogs.

This is what a decade of outing looks like and I hope to make those choices easier for you. I want to use this place to service as a honest recommendation place for pubs, restaurants and other food related topics in London.

Every year plenty of relatives, friends and acquaintances come to visit London and ask me for the authentic xx cuisine, the best upscale, hidden gems, a cozy pub for a drink, etc. That's how I came about this blog and I want to also use it as a 'live' hub for recommendations and tales, hoping for contributors to share their views too.

I'm not the owner of any truth and and in some occasions, my experiences might differ from others - I could have been lucky on certain visit to restaurants.


All the stories, experiences, recommendations and thoughts won't be chronologically posted as there will be flashbacks and references to the past, but still relevant to the present.

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