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Coffee shops for a great brew, tasty treats and even brunch

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

What would life be like without coffee? For me and millions of others in the UK, coffee is an essential ritual and morning fuel. According to the British Coffee Association, people in the UK drink approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day – that’s a lot of coffee. And that’s reflected on the streets of London, where coffee culture has also continued to boom and now in every borough that’s been gentrified, you can now find trendy coffee shops catering to the demands of the countless coffee enthusiasts in the city.

While I wouldn't label myself a coffee aficionado, I'm more of an enthusiast who has gradually come to appreciate the taste of coffee and the culture that surrounds it. Last year, I had the opportunity to visit one of the oldest coffee farms in Guatemala, which gave me an entirely new perspective on what coffee truly entails – from seed to cup. I had the privilege to see, touch and taste coffee in its freshest form.

This experience led me to getting myself a semi-pro espresso machine which pretty much changed my coffee game. The options are now endless and finding the right beans or roasters is an entertaining and tasteful journey. However, I’m far from becoming a coffee connoisseur, if you only start following a few coffee hashtags on Instagram, you’ll see how mad that subculture is.

But enough of the preamble because with so many trendy shops opening in London offering signature brews, finding the right café that offers both quality brews and tasty treats can be pretty difficult.

Here are a few of the best coffee shops I normally visit in North/East London, which I believe are well worth a visit. It's important to note that since getting my coffee machine, I've reduced my visits to coffee shops – reserving these outings for purchasing beans or the usual weekend strolls.



A tucked away café offering a selection of brunches, pastries and tasty coffee.

An established brunch place with four locations across London. Beam is certainly a place that will satisfy all your coffee and brunch needs.

A fantastic bakery in the heart of holloway, where you can get the most amazing bread and sweet treats.

A popular place for coffee aficionados on Holloway’s main road.

This coffee and delicatessen shop has made a difference in the area. Word has spread so expect queues.

A fantastic coffee and brunch place, with 3 locations in North / East London.

This London institution has branches across the capital offering fantastic brunches, coffee and more.

What started as a home business venture is now available across London. Perhaps, the best place to enjoy a cinnamon bun.

Although this is more than a coffee shop, it is one of my go-to places for brunch in London. The venue is stylish, food is great but most importantly, coffee is always spot on.



Fantastic coffee and great Middle Eastern inspired brunches.

One of the best coffee and bakery shops in East London, period. Most of their branches are in East London between London Fields and Victoria Park with the exception of their busy shop close to Angel.

From its humble beginning in the early 2010s as a sourdough bakery, this has become one of the most famous places for bread and coffee aficionados in Hackney.

This bakery and café is simply amazing, particularly on weekends at their Daltson branch, where they share space with 40ft brewery.

This coffee shop is all about their roasting.



An award winning sourdough bakery offering great pastries and delicious coffee.

An all rounded experience, from a coffee shop that roast their own beans in the heart of hackney, to seasonal brunches.

More than a coffee shop, this is an all-in-one, offering coffe, sweat treats, lunch, wine and a few shopping items.


I know there are plenty of café and coffee shops missing, but that's what this city is all about; an ongoing discovery journey. Share your favourite coffee places below!


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